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Flyers player poll (from The Athletic)

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  • Flyers player poll (from The Athletic)

    I won't go over all of the questions, but felt it was important to highlight a couple.

    And we have our first runaway winner: Claude Giroux, for “Most Competitive Player at Practice.” Giroux’s on-ice intensity is legendary — in fact, he’s acknowledged that in his early days, he was perhaps too hard on himself during games, which occasionally led to his frustration level having a negative effect on his play. As Giroux has matured, finding the right balance has come more naturally to him, but that intensity hasn’t disappeared, and it apparently still shows itself regularly in practices.

    “We’ve got a pretty competitive group, I think G’s very competitive,” one player said. “It’s good leadership, the way he tries in practice.”

    The generational gap in the locker room is most obvious with our next poll topic: video games. Younger players tend to be the biggest gamers, while most older vets play only casually. But all of the groups — hardcore, casual and nonexistent video gamers — seemed to agree on the top three: Konecny, Joel Farabee, and Nolan Patrick.

    Konecny might have earned the win in this “Best at Video Games” poll, but he received a number of votes from players who admitted they barely join in the gaming action, so let’s call this a virtual tie among the Big Three.

    Two players abstained from the vote entirely, saying they had no idea whom to choose. Voracek explained his abstention in inimitable Jakub Voracek style.

    “Those fvcking young nerds, I don’t know,” Voracek cracked. “At ‘FIFA,’ I’m the best. But I don’t know what they play these days. Fvcking ‘Fortnite’ probably.”

    On such a young team, there’s a need for the responsible guy in the room — the “team dad.” So who fills that role for the Flyers? Matt Niskanen was the runaway winner in the biggest landslide of the poll (he received 75 percent of the votes), with most players barely hesitating before naming him.

    “Nisky for sure, oh yeah,” one of the younger players said.

    “Same way he plays hockey, always responsible,” another said.

    It was left to Voracek to provide a dissenting opinion, even if his answer looked ahead to an amusing possible future.

    “Coots,” he said with conviction. “I can picture him one day, driving a minivan, taking four fvcking kids to practice, on time, all the time.”

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    Forgive me for going there, but it is interesting that migraines bother Nolan Patrick on the ice, but not enough to keep him from playing video games...I would think the fast moving nature of the flashing lights and quickly moving objects, from video games, would play havoc on someone dealing with migraines...guess not!


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      yea... he's totally faking it.


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        It does strike me as odd however his prowess might be pre migraine disorder?


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          Originally posted by irvdog View Post
          It does strike me as odd however his prowess might be pre migraine disorder?
          Yeah that would be my guess. They aren't saying he is playing vids all day long right now and dominating the team, just that he is one of the best video game player on the team.


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            If he were playing video games like some might think...just imagine how his teammates look at that. It wouldn't be something that his teammates would be voting him in as a great video game player.