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GDT: Flyers @ Red Wings

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Red Wings

    7:30 PM ET

    Get Admiral Akbar in the dressing room for a pre-game pep talk.

    The Wings are alone in last place in the league by 15 points. The Flyers need to go out with the intent to destroy them. Iíd like to see a new team record for goals scored. (13 is the old one from the mid 80ís)

    Meltzer thinks Lyon may get another start as a reward for playing well last game.

    PS Safari seems to be more sensible about remembering once youíve told it to ignore the expired cert here.

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    They really do need to take control of this game from the start without any let up. The metro is far too tight for them to drop games against teams like Detroit.


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      Man i like the depth this team currently is showing. Guys like Raffl, Pitlick, Laughton, NAK and Farabee are all bringing a certain energy that makes you believe this team could will out wins if they needed to. Fletcher and AV deserve a lot of credit for the drastic identity change that we have seen with the Flyers in such a short period of time. Keep rolling boys!!!


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        The lack of finish by G and JVR could have mattered against a better opponent. It was at least good to see G with a lot of dangerous chances. Maybe that will carry over.

        Theres some funny pictures out there of a few Wings players faces as Pitlick makes a save on a net that Eliiott vacated so much heís no longer in the image. Eliiott played good though. Starting him was the right call.


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          G and JVR are knocking on the door. chances precede goals.

          i donít think bunnaman looks like an NHLer but pitlick and NAK really look noticeable. would love for NAK to become our clutterbuck. bottom-6 grinding has been a plus last five games or so. our top-6 still doesnít always look potent.


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            Originally posted by clumsysnake View Post
            would love for NAK to become our clutterbuck. bottom-6 grinding has been a plus last five games or so.
            He's got the skill set to be able to do this. I would also love this.