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GDT: Flyers @ Capitals

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Capitals

    7PM ET

    Frost is up. Lots of line shakeups.

    Giroux to wing and Coots to 1C to hopefully get the best out of G and Voracek.

    Konecny moves to Hayes' line.

    Frost gets stuck with JVR, but maybe he and Pitlick can get some pucks and set him up.

    Hagg is back and Ghost will either sit or be 7D.

    Elliott to start. He needs to be better tonight. At least make a save on the first shot, which hopefully won't be a breakaway this time.

    65 points would put the Flyers in third in two other divisions, and first in the Pacific. Sixth in the Metro though, and currently out of a playoff spot.

    Who would have believed that the Flyers would have more shootout wins than any other team in the east? Thus hurting their ROW count and losing them an important tie-breaker.

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    ummm. worst call of the season? embellishment? wtf...


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      Such an interesting season...keeps catching me off guard. But one constant is the impact of Couts on his linemates. He continues to make them better.


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        So, the terrible effort against the Devils was a ploy to lure the Caps into a trap game?

        Nice job by Elliott early in this one. Could have been a totally different game if the Caps had gone up by one or two in the first.


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          now i'm even more angry about the devils game


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            ghost in 5-0 loss to the devils
            ghost out 7-2 vs Caps


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              Originally posted by clumsysnake View Post
              now i'm even more angry about the devils game
              My feelings as well. Playoff teams bury the Devils in Feb and hang with the Caps.
              We SHOULD have gotten 2 points MINIMUM from the last 2 games, which is what we did, but it was the way it happened. While happy we WHOOPED the Caps, the NJ game is alarming/worrisome.
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                It's the way this season has gone. Full roller coaster mode enabled!


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                  Lol. And tonight the Wings beat the Bruins, 3-1. The Flyers do not have a monopoly on this kind of thing.