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GDT: Flyers vs Panthers

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Panthers

    7PM ET

    The two games against Florida this week could easily have the feel of a mini playoff series. Both teams need the points equally bad.

    The Flyers have not fared well against the Panthers lately so they best bring the same effort as they did against the Caps. Go for a really lopsided win to prove to yourselves you can win again on the road in a few days.

    Looks like Hart to start. Frost remains in as Farabee is getting back into condition.

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    We definitely need the win tonight at home. If we lose; then mentally; it'll be challenging Thursday when we're playing without the last change. Florida likes to trade off goals and beat you offensively. Our GA/gm is under 3; so hopefully Hagg continues to play well, and the rest of the guys do their jobs to stem their offense
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      We need to find success on Babb early. Don't allow him to gain confidence and feel good. Another thing I remember from the 1st time we played the Panthers is you need to limit the number of power plays you give them...but take advantage of their leaky PK.


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        Taking care of business.


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          Am out in Hawaii for my honeymoon and totally forgot how early games start when you are this far west. In any case tomorrow's game against the Islanders is a huge one. Could leap frog them into 3rd in the Metro.


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            That was a good game. Solid effort from all. Team win. Really liked how un-flashy Hart had to look to make a lot of good saves.


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              Originally posted by Vedder View Post
              Am out in Hawaii for my honeymoon
              And you didn't invite your O&B brothers?, thanks....We'll remember this.....