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GDT: Flyers @ Islanders

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Islanders

    7PM ET

    Elliott to start. Probably no other changes to the lineup. This bit about Ghost's knee being sore after he got scratched seems a bit fishy, but oh well. You can't argue with how the team has played the last couple of games.

    Once again, this is essentially a playoff game. Winner ends up in the #3 Metro slot.

    At least both teams played last night so it should be a fair fight.

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    The issues on this site have really killed the passion that used to be shown on these GDTs. Just looking at the number of views on the new threads speaks volumes regarding what is happening here.

    What a shame.


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      Like the NJ game, this loss reeks of a "non playoff" caliber team.

      ​​​​Disgusting to lose the (minimum) 1 point like they did.
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        It was pretty clearly lack of effort in the first that cost them the game. Even after spotting the Islanders a 3 goal lead they managed to come back. It was more than a little shocking to me that the Flyers didn't get at least a point out of that. Elliott did not have his best game. If he'd been a bit better, they might have gotten away with it. If Konecny had lined up that tap in a bit better, they might have gotten away with it.

        Is it maybe better in the long run that they didn't get away with it? You'd think this bunch would have learned there's too much parity in this league by now.


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          i didnt think they overlooked the islanders... we're chasing them!, i think the islanders took it to them in the first and it took them a period to respond. isles played real well. we still look tentative/jumpy at times on the road. i thought sanheim/myers in particular looked kind of all over the place. those two have such high ceiling we're just gonna have to let them roll and learn and make mistakes and try things.

          I dont see how you can blame elliot on any of those.
          1st: a fluke tip over his shoulder
          2nd: a 2on1 where the pass went across TWICE with a lone forward defending
          3rd: one uncovered forward was left to walk in front, shot it off the mask, which rebounded right to a different also uncovered forward
          4th: a BLAST top corner thru a partial screen from top of the circle/slot.


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            I agree with you Clumsy...i think blaming Elliott for the loss is a little silly. The Flyers only started playing in the 2nd period...and while they were able to get back to 3-3, they left a lot of other chances on the ice (they should have had the lead well before they pulled Elliott to tie it).

            Hindsight being what it is, i feel AV should have had a better selection of players on the ice after the game was 3-3. I am sure his thought was that they could win it and steal 2 points with the Isles getting none (especially since it looked like we were dominating). Being on the road, i think it would have made more sense to have a stronger defensive lineup on the ice to get them to OT. But AV has done a brilliant job this not going to question his decision.

            My fear is tonight's game against the Panthers. I pray that Hart is coming out with confidence and holds the fort for the first 10mins. The Panthers will be looking for revenge. Their loss to us wasn't really a 4-1 game...i saw a ton of missed chances by guys who normally don't miss (Barkov, Huberdeau for sure).