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Flyers path to the playoffs

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  • Flyers path to the playoffs

    Let's use this thread to share in updates on games impacting the Flyers path to the playoffs not involving the Flyers.

    Tonight, there are 3 games that gave an impact on the Flyers.

    - Pens hosting the Habs...Pens win 4-1 (Zucker got 2 goals...Crosby 3 assists).

    - Canes hosting the Devils...5-2 win for the Canes. Mrazek with solid play in nets.

    - BJs hosting the Rags...BJs lose 3-1 with Kreider scoring the GWG late in the third. Georgiev with a big game for the Rags.

    Pens pad their lead on the Isles by 4 points for 2nd in the division.

    BJs fall to WC2 as they have now have the same amount of points as the Flyers (71) but have played 1 more game.

    Canes now 2 points behind Flyers and BJs with 1 less game played than the Flyers and 2 less than the BJs.

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    I'm betting the BJs are the odd men out. seth jones and atkinson out. that hurts, jones is their lynchpin. we need to pounce on them on the back-to-back. gain 4 pts on them and that goes a long way.

    the way its looking we are going to be ahead of both the leafs AND the panthers. I don't like either team really, bad defense and/or goaltending despite their offensive stars.


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      Islanders are at Vegas late tonight. As long as we take care of business this afternoon, there's a chance we can leap frog NY into 3rd provided they lose. Vegas has been feast or famine lately, so hopefully the feast team shows tonight. Of course, the Isles still have 2 games in hand, but it helps to show that we belong with the competition.
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        Last night, the Vegas team beat the Isles 1-0 on a 19 save performance by Fleury. Knights took over 40 shots on Varlamov.

        Leafs won and Panthers lost at home again.

        Flyers fall back to WC2 spot as the BJs have the tie breaker. They are still 1 point behind the Isles while having played 2 more games. The Canes are still 2 points behind the Flyers, but have 2 games on hand.

        Canes play the Oilers today (minus McDavid, of course). Oilers playing consecutive road games against a rested home team. That seems fair.

        BJs play the Devils. While the Devils played their crappy backup against the Canes earlier in the week, I am expecting Blackwood to start (he has been play well over his last few games).


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          Lol the Devils decide to be sellers at the deadline but still beat the Blue Jackets. Carolina loses too. Both got a point, but still, a bit of a break.


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            Well...this truly confirms how critical it will be for the Flyers to get wins in both BJ games this week. 3 of 4 is not enough. We need all 4 and for the BJs to get none.


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              Islanders lose to the Coyotes. Third straight L for them. Talk about leaving a door wide open.

              Panthers prevail over the Sharks in San Jose, just to pack all the contenders even closer together in the Metro. Five teams across a span of four points, from 68-72.


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                Isles have another road game coming up next against the Avs. This is our opportunity.