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GDT: Flyers vs Rangers

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Rangers

    7PM ET

    Big game for both teams. A win for the Rags could put them in the lower WC spot.

    The Flyers are one point above the WC spots, one point behind second in the Metro. The other five of the six teams in contention for Metro/WC playoff spots all have losing streaks going. Now's the best time to keep the wins coming.

    Rangers five game win streak versus the Flyers four. Someone's got to go home disappointed. Rematch right up in a Sunday matinee though.

    Pittsburgh, Columbus and Carolina all play tonight as well. Only the Pens have a paper advantage against a certain non-playoff Ducks team, but they are on the road and have lost four straight, so who knows.

    Philly is rested and the Rags are on their third in four. Let's hope we don't see the slow start by the Flyers that has been far too common this year. This one ain't gonna be over 'til it's over no matter who scores first.

    Looks like no lineup changes forecast since last game. Ghost still a scratch. Hart to start.

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    Nice way to start the weekend...beat up on the Rags and ride the wave through NYC. I'd love for this to be a statement game for Hart to let the coaching staff know that he needs to play on Sunday.


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      Came out sluggish again. Mid first there was a marked up tick in their speed, and it lasted the rest of the game. Very opportunistic game.


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        Jake with 4 assists. Flyers keep banking points, which is awesome. Car and CBJ both lose in regulation. Flyers for the time being are in 2nd in the Metro up 1 point on the Pens (they do have 2 games in hand).


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          The first couple of lines at the very start of the game seemed to show up with some energy. Then it seemed to go away for a bit and verge on "fragile" when they gave up a goal. But then they were a team of destiny for the rest of the way.

          Good game by the top guys, of the sort we'd like to see more earlier in the season. Very good game by Hart, and it was too bad to see a late meaningless goal get by.

          Sunday should be really interesting. Rags with last change. Hostile crowd. Noon start. At least the Flyers seem to be better in the matinees this year.

          Just incredible scoreboard watching elsewhere tonight. Anaheim up 3-1 at the end of two right now over the Pens. If that holds up EVERY other team in the Metro but the Flyers will be on a losing streak.


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            We're in 2nd in the metro. Vigneault for president. So many good things happening right now.

            Giroux and Voracek peaking at the right time.


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              I have heard King Henry starts tomorrow.