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  • GDT: Flyers @ Rangers

    Noon ET - NBC coverage

    Grant didn't practice Friday and the team recalled Farabee. If he starts, one expects him to be fired up to try and make it hard to send him back down.

    Hart will start on the road. Big. Must win. Team must play well. Anything but "goal on the first shot", por favor. If that happens, play on.

    Rangers are minus Kreider. Lemieux better wear a flak jacket if they put him in front of the net on the PP in his place. This game could get chippy and if it does he seems likely to be involved.

    Islanders lost. Canes lost. Blue Jackets lost. Pens currently trailing 0-5 with minutes left as I type this at 1AM ET.

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    Originally posted by dogzus View Post
    .Islanders lost. Canes lost. Blue Jackets lost. Pens currently trailing 0-5 with minutes left as I type this at 1AM ET.
    This is too good to be true. Please don't wake me up from this dream.


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      Read this on the Flyers website...

      The Flyers have scored four or more goals in each of the last five games for the first time in 10 years (Jan. 1-12, 2010) and look to make it six in-a-row for the first time in nearly 15 years (Oct. 27-Jan. 8, 2005).


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        Posted in other game thread, but we will face the King today.


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          As I posted in another thread...don't wake me from this beautiful dream.

          But for those looking for some humor from today's you are...

          Keith Jones: "[Couturier's] the Flyers' most important player"

          Mike Milbury: "I don't know if I agree with that, he's the most important player ... I disagree"

          Keith Jones: "Well, you're wrong."


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            I LOLed a that priceless exchange.


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              AV picked the right time to stick with Hart. Great team effort. Dicey in the 3rd, but that 2.5 min def shift at the end, with the rags goalie pulled, all in the def end was amazing.


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                After the 2nd, Flyers looked to just let the time run out. They have to go back to play the Rags again in not looking to embarrass them, I guess.

                Still no matter how you look at the game, a GREAT WIN!!


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                  Color me impressed with the way the Flyers have played vs lower standing teams, especially against the Rags. I honestly thought we'd lose in NY after such an excellent home win on Friday.

                  They got a bit sloppy in the 3rd, but the Rags do have some talent so we bent but didn't break.

                  I hope they can keep it up and stay on a roll into the playoffs.
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                    Its gotten a lot better but our PK could still improve for sure, their PP is skilled, but we couldnt get clears. otherwise i thought our 3rd was okay. too many stick penalties from the 4th line. Thompson is still trying to gel, i'll give him a few more games before evaluating him.

                    our PP looks BACK. giroux is a huge part of that, he's back to making those "woah" passes even the spectators can't anticipate. and he looks back at even strength too. Voracek is back to being peak playmaking winger again. Those two getting going is impossible to understate.

                    We're 6th overall. Unreal!!!!! looks like caps are gonna win but we're right in the mix for top metro seed!