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    A pretty good article on The Athletic regarding how Hextall is doing and how he handled his firing from the Flyers. Here are some good tidbits...

    “It was extremely difficult,” Hextall said. “I hate to even use this word, but there certainly was a mourning period. It was very surprising to me, I didn’t expect it whatsoever. I know our team was struggling and things weren’t going well. I know that. But we did have a long term vision and probably it was the last thing I expected. It certainly took me a long period of time to get over it. But I’m there now, and ready to move on.”

    He continued: “I was stunned, make no mistake. We put a plan out there, and felt like, quite frankly, that we were going to see it through. So it took me a lot longer than maybe it should have. But like I said, we had a plan out there, were sticking to it, and felt like we trying to take the organization to good places. So, it was shocking what happened.”

    “The first thing that I did, and I think a lot of people do, is you’ve got to take a breath. You’ve been at it hard, and the GM position now is 24-7, nonstop,” he said. “If you’re not doing something, you’re thinking about something. The first thing I did was took a deep breath. I’ve got four kids, I’ve got grandkids, and the first thing I was going to do was spend some time with them where I was one hundred percent present. And it helped me, obviously, being around people that care about you, your family. That was certainly a godsend at that time.”

    The one thing Hextall didn’t want to do was sit around and mope.

    “That’s the worst thing you can do, you have too much time to think,” he said. “Tried to stay busy and spend some time with my wife.”

    Despite getting unceremoniously thrust from the sport and the league that he loved, Hextall continued to watch hockey, including Flyers games. That never stopped.

    “I care about the people there, and some of those kids I’ve watched since they were 17 or 18 years old,” he said. “I care about those people, and keep in touch with them to this day.”

    Hextall said he’s trying to focus on learning more about teams that he’s not as familiar with, so that probably doesn’t include the Flyers, as their roster consists mostly of players that he was directly responsible for bringing into the fold.

    But he’s still keenly aware that many of those burgeoning youngsters are helping the Flyers now, as the club is now pushing for first place in the Metropolitan Division thanks to a second-half surge. Players who were drafted or developed while Hextall was GM like Travis Konecny, Ivan Provorov, Travis Sanheim, Scott Laughton, Carter Hart and others are playing key roles in the team’s success.

    “I watch enough of the Flyers to have a little bit of a feel for what’s going on,” Hextall said. “The young kids are taking a bigger part of the load which is always kind of what you need. You need your veteran players, and you need your young players to come up and take a bigger chunk of the load. It does take time.

    “Those kids, at times last year they started to take off, but it certainly seems like they’re taking a bigger piece of the pie now. Three or four years in, that’s typically the time it happens. They’re doing well, and like I said, I care for a lot of those people and those kids that were good young hockey players or prospects or in the league but weren’t where they needed to be. They’ve taken steps, and they’re doing a heck of a job.”

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    Good to hear him get some distance and breathe

    the hackstall mess certainly did him in among the other things that have been out out there
    ..."Hextall scored a goal in the empty net, and I don't know how he did it!!!!"