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GDT: Flyers vs Hurricanes

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Hurricanes

    7PM ET

    Seven wins in a row by Philly meets three losses in a row by Carolina. The Hurricanes are giving up goals and sinking out of a playoff spot. The other Metro teams are also losing lately, and the Canes have games in hand. They aren't out of it yet and generally don't take games off.

    Looking at the list of teams the Flyers have beaten lately, and the goal totals they've been racking up against proper NHL goalies, there's no reason not to expect them to walk away with a W tonight against the Canes call-up tandem.

    Hart to start. Farabee up for JVR.

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    The last few meetings the Canes have really dominated the Flyers territorial. The Flyers need to be able to push back and at least match the Canes and get a lot of pucks on the net. The Canes goalies are bad right now and we need to take advantage of them. Don't give them any confidence. Fingers crossed Hart keeps the solid play going!


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      My biggest concern anytime the Flyers go on any substantial winning streak is if the success will get to their if they are reading the headlines and start winning games before the puck drops. But I feel this team isn't immature in that way.

      I think even the common issues we see the Flyers encountering in normal situations (ie. Ex-Flyers coming in and haunting them, rookie or third string goalies dominating them, etc) are somewhat immune to this year's team.

      Let's jump on the Canes and put a dagger in their playoff hopes.


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        Lynch, I think that is the past Flyers, not the AV Flyers. He seems to have really changed the mind set, and let's give Fletch credit for adding the 2 veterans. Those trades are key now with JVR out.


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          Still putting in a solid effort eight games into this one.

          Could set up an interesting pair of games against Boston and Tampa where those teams may really want to be the one to stop the streak and the Flyers might really want to not let that happen.

          Tampa looks to be the danger game to me, since it is on the road, but crazy stuff has happened in Tampa the last couple of seasons so who knows.


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            Both those games will be serious measuring stick games... The letdown game would be if they were to lose tomorrow against Buffalo, but honestly I can't see that happening with how good they have been playing.


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              Vedder...I feel the measuring stick has been used a lot over the last 6 weeks or much that it might be cracked.

              This far into the season, i feel I know where they stack up against the elite and very good teams in this league. Winning or losing to the Bruins and Bolts won't change how I look at this team. They will compete with the best teams and put up a good fight. They will stand up for one another, bend but not break, provide offence from pretty much anywhere in the lineup and execute their coach's game plan. I am looking forward to these games to put the entire league on notice that the Flyers deserve to be included in any discussion related to playoff success. I'm not saying we're the Cup favorites, but WHY NOT US?

              #Believe #OskarStrong