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GDT: Flyers vs Bruins

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Bruins

    7PM ET

    Flyers go for ten straight W. (It would be a chance at 12 straight at home, if not for the shameful trap game against the Devils.)

    Gotta shut down the Marchand/Bergeron/Pastrnak line. Coots to the fore again.

    The Flyers have won two shootouts versus the Bruins this season. Doubly improbable given the Bruins overall record and the Flyers history in the skills contest.

    Will the home cooking and Connor Hart (
    Barry Melrose) be enough to keep the streak rolling? I like their chances.

    Myers did the optional skate this morning. Good sign? We shall see. Even if he doesn't start, Boston's D is more handicapped so things should still tip towards Philly.

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    Sounds like Ghost is playing tonight according to him. AV said he was a game time decision. If Ghost is in I hope he comes with a fire under his *** and no dumb plays.


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      Let's hope he is 1st star.


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        Just read (can't link) Flyers tweet that Myers is out four weeks (rest of regular season) with fractured patella.


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          Saw that as well... what a kick in the balls. Myers has been playing so well.


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            Why is Ghost playing on PP2? Sanheim shouldn't have been removed...and on the 2 power plays in the 1st, it was clear Ghost is not in tune with the othe 4 on PP2.


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              Bruins take a 1-0 lead late in the 2nd on a PP goal. Flyers had a great chance on this PK for a SHG when Laughton broke in on a breakaway, but instead of being aggressive and shooting the puck or taking it to the net, he tried making a pass to Hayes who was trailing on the play. That pass ends up being tipped away by a diving Bruins player. Hindsight being what it is, I really would have liked Laughton trying to score on that opportunity.

              Need a solid 3rd period from the boys. They have had quite a few chances...its just a matter of time before they get one past Rask.


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                Yeah if anything Sanny should be on the #1 PP and should not be dropped off PP2. Flyers getting some zone time, but damn the Bruins keep things tight in their own zone.


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                  Bruins are very solid and disciplined. Nothing to be ashamed of losing to that team. We competed and with a little luck, getting the first goal could have changed the outcome completely.

                  Time for a nice bounceback on Thursday.


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                    Ah well. Competitive game against a good team that came to play. Flyers had their chances. If all losses were like that there wouldn't be much to gripe about.