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NHL suspending play immediately due to virus

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  • NHL suspending play immediately due to virus

    Season will likely be cancelled (IMHO)

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    Season will finish in July.


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      The CDC has told the NHL to shut down for 60 days. They teams hope to start mini camps at 45 days. So games ramp up in mid May. I bet they just go right ahead and play everything out. Compress td he remaining games, and.finish the Cup in late July. Lots of 3 games in 4 nights , and 4 games in 5 nights to start the first playoff round​​​​ . To much money on the hook to cancel anything.


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        The CDC has told the NHL to shut down for 60 days. That means mid may. I bet the compress the remaining games, 3 in 4.nights, etc. 1st round playoffs 4 in 5 nights,


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          Players have brought a proposal to the PA for a potential way to salvage the 19-20 season. I like the fact that they would be wanting to go this route.


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            Interesting on several levels. You would think the league would have already cooked up many alternatives for possible scenarios for when life can start to come back to normal. Is this just a feel-good thing saying the players came up with something?

            They shouldn't assume next year will not have a social-distancing break too. Trying to run two full-length seasons back to back seems unlikely to succeed. A compressed playoff (olympic style elimination-round tournament for the sixteen top 3 and WC teams?) has a lot of virtues, but it might seem strange to the fans. But not as strange as life in general for the next weeks and months.

            Since there's no new hockey to watch, how about a blast from the past:

            Here's a clickable YouTube link in case the above embed doesn't work.

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              first player to have it, a senator -


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                I'm sure many of you are interested in Dom Luszczyszyn's (The Athletic) projected results for the Flyers games that were suspended. So here is what he was predicting:

                Mar.12 @ Lightning - WIN
                Mar.14 vs Wild - LOSS
                Mar.15 vs Oilers - WIN
                Mar.17 vs. Blues - OTL

                I wonder who started in the back-to-back games against the Wild and Oilers.


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                  Ilya's take....
                  Philadelphia Flyers #1
                  Winnipeg Jets a very distant #2
                  The rest of the 29 teams can KMA!


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                    Historical precedent is right there. Check out the 1919 Cup result:


                    Pretty amazing when you consider they managed to keep the league going during both world wars.