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  • Potential playoff formats

    Just felt like making a thread on this. I feel that they will resume with a 2 week camp, and playoffs at some point. Assume the regular season games are scrapped, and we start in late may or later. What are your ideas? Here is mine.

    Start with division play in rounds. Top 7 teams in each division make the tournament.
    1st round. 4 plays 7, 5 plays 6, one game.
    2nd round 2 plays lowest seed, 3 plays other in a 3 game round, 1st 2 games at higher seed.
    3rd round 1 plays lowest seed, other 2 play. 5 game round

    Conference and Cup finals 7 games.

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    Swami...are you looking at the top seed not playing until the 3rd round? That would be a difficult situation to jump into games with teams having played playoff style hockey for a few games.

    Personally, i think they need to allow teams to play a good 5 regular season games before starting the playoffs. Just to get their game in order for the playoffs. Even with this, i like the idea of a play-in round. But why not just allow the top 8 teams for each division to play a best of 5 (1v8; 2v9...). This would allow for round two to have 4 teams survive from each division....and then play on. Series length could stay at best of 5 for the 2nd round and go to best of 7 for the conference finals and Stanley Cup finals.

    I'm sure my simple process above has holes and timing issues connected to it. But man...just give me some playoff hockey...PLEASE!!


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      Consider the first round a play in. I figure my suggestion gives almost every team at least a shot. Top 8 per conference shuts half the teams out completely, and will take a few more weeks to complete.


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        I really think that the minimum games played for a playoff has to be best of 3 ... and even that's a little too small IMO.
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          From Eklund's site:
          Sorry for the 1:25am Updated....but I just got off a Skype call with an NHLPA source (currently out west) and the NHLPA and NHL have agreed that should the NHL playoffs take place in July and August all tie games will have a 5 minute 5 on 5 OT and then be decided by a shootout since the ice conditions that time of year won’t support long OTs.

          This is really awful. I don't know about you, but the NHL playoff OT is what we all look forward to...but I guess something is better than nothing...

          Your thoughts?

          Yeah... Just great just ****ing GREAT!. Shoot me now. (I can see Colin Campbell rubbing his hands together in the background mumbling... "That should keep the Flyers from winning the cup" ).

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          The rest of the 29 teams can KMA!


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            I'd rather not have any playoffs than watching the Flyers lose playoff games from a shootout. This is pure stupidity.

            Sorry...should have added...with Ek reporting this, NHL is not looking at this. So let's stay calm, safe and inside.
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              Would hate, it, but could see them doing it in the first round or 2,.when they may play back to back, or 4 in 5 nights.